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Born in Loverval (Belgium), May 25, 1944, I adore to paint as of my adolescence. Graduated in dietetics of the High School of the State, I exert a few years in Clinic in Brussels. Married, mother of two boys, I devote myself to my family.

Without never have given up my brushes, my hobby becomes passion. Since 1988, I have more time to devote to painting. I attend the School of Old and Contemporary Painting in Visé (Carole Brenu). I assimilate the rules of the perspective, the balance of volumes and the techniques of oil.

In 1991, I get the Price of the Public at the contest "Resonances" organized by the Arts Centre of Andrimont. This first success encourages me and I organize there my first exposition in 1992. From 1993 to 1995 a course at the Art Academy of Liege, with Paul Mahoux learns to me with better seizing the essence and the organization of my picture is more studied, more structured. 

During this period, I work on figurative, on surrealism as well as on abstraction. In 1995, I take part in the training course of musical painting organized by the School of Old and Contemporary Painting at Visé and on the indications of Vincent Meesen, professor with Sint Luke Academy, Liege, I discover the writings of Kandinsky.

I find the way of the lyric abstraction.

From music to abstract painting
Each one of my works is closely related to a musical composition. I hear the music and transcribe on the canvas an inner resonance by using the universal correspondences between colors, sounds and emotions. By its immaterial essence, the music gives to me access to my universe of dreams and feelings. It is by the music, its rhythms, its constructions and its repetitions that I achieve to become emancipated of the figuration and the borrowings to nature.
I explore the repertoire of the classical, instrumental music, and lyric, of the period baroque to the music of the twentieth century while passing by the romantic period.

Fluidity and depth
Into my works, I introduce the third dimension. Thick layers of gesso, paste of a pure white, cover the canvas. This work in relief all carefully, made of contrasts, of voids, of full ones, rough canvas and plane and dense material is rhythmed by flows of pastes, spread out, brushed over the virgin painting. This work of thickening and preparation is determining to the future of the painting. I recognize to this draft an autonomous existence, an almost sculptural nature.

Mysteries of the music
Legends of imaginary hero, fantastic stories, moods of artists, the music, such a diamond, is a space with multiple facets. Sensitive to these mysteries, I listen and I impregnate myself of the musical work. I try to think the labyrinth of passions, of the torments of the composer. As soon as my mood enters in communion with the musical message, I throw a first draft on the canvas. Modelled thicknesses of material braids the rhythm, ties the force and weaves softness. The transparent colors, given rhythm of a writing of opaque signs make vibrate the framework of the canvas. The instruments become colors, the reliefs of pastings will be all the more tight as the strettes will be sharp. The brass will splash the canvas with their luminous marks.
This will to explore more in depth the musical mystery enables me to approach the work with a new ear and eye in the search of unknown feelings.

Since 1997, I show my abstract paintings in many galleries in the Belgian French Community and Flanders. I took part at the "Salon des Artistes Français" in Paris and Lineart in Ghent.

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Chantal Bietlot
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