EXPO 2008

2008 rendez-vous of Chantal Bietlot.

Different places where abstract paintings ,
and the evolution in lyric abstraction were exposed.

7 to 10 february 2008
PRIMAVERA    ROTTERDAM with Galerie Palma Arte
AHOY Rotterdam
Ahoy-weg 10

From march 13 to 24
Visé    Chapelle des Sépulcrines
« 10 ans de Rythmes et Passions »

This event marks 10 years anniversary of exposition of Bietlot.
In order to associate Music, the Academy Cesar Franck takes part at this exhibition.
They participate:
Classes of Hugo Pasqulini, of Agnès Tamigniaux, and Christine Tribolet .
Renzo Salvador,violin maker, will present an old instrument, the theorbe..
And, thz « Saxewaves Group », class of Régine Logen, presented Jazz standards.

April 24 to 27
Foire Européenne d'Art Contemporain, with Galerie Palma Arte

From may 10 to 31

Liège    Galerie Extrapole
Rue Matrognard, 1

Group exhibition "Matière et Couleur"

From october 29 to november 2 ,

  Amsterdam  With Galerie Palma Arte

Stockay Saint-Georges   Galerie d'Art "Passion"
rue Reine Astrid, 26b

From november 7 to 30, Chantal Bietlot exhibits with sculptor Jean-Luc Absil.

From december 4 to 9
  with Galerie Palma Arte

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