Dialogue in abstraction

The exhibition presented works of Bietlot.

It is a recognition of her work and an encouragement to pursue her effort of creation.

A moment of the opening:

Bietlot surrounded by two artists who count much for her.

Initiative of the Lions Club of Visé Meuse, this dialogue in abstraction presented works of the MAMAC of Liege, of CERA Foundation as well as private collections.
The abstract art, which is presented there, carries a lyric connotation rather than a geometrical one.
The choice was made to bring together artists who are in search of more picturality and assembly of colors than forms. Paintings give access to what the spirit is accustomed to conceive, the emotions, the feelings, the impressions by contrast with visible reality and organized geometrical forms.
Paintings presented are of "museum" quality and lent by the « Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain » (MAMAC) of Liege whose collections are of a richness far from known. This exhibition made it possible for a large public to be initiated with the contemporary abstract art through the presentation of paintings from recognized artists and to appreciate close to us abstract artists who expose in galleries.

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Chantal Bietlot
Allée des Acacias, 16
B - 4600 - Visé
Tel: 32 (0)4 379 30 74
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All works by Chantal Bietlot are unique. Prices of the paintings are available on request. All rights reserved. For any use of these protected works of art, contact the artist. © Sabam Belgium